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Ponchy Wipeout sponsors Bumper Save in races.



Ponchy Wiepout is a Piston Cup race car. He is a Brawny Motors Co. Spark GT and he his Bumper Save Pitty (Howard Ratchet), and Bumper Save Crew Chief (Stuart Enginefuel). He is in a Pit Crew, but during the wreck, Ponchy is in the wreck, but Ruby "Easy" Oaks collids, but in a big crash, Ponchy is collided by Crusty Rotor, and Kevin Shiftright, but he restarts the race.

Physical appearance[]

In Cars, Ponchy has blue eyes and painted light blue livery as his main color, with white and red on his sides, and doors, with the number 90 painted in red on his doors, and roof. He also has the Bumper Save logo painted on his hood, and fenders. He has an orange spoiler, black rims, and a two-piece grille. In Cars 3, Ponchy has blue eyes, and painted in new paint scheme light blue, with red, white, black, and yellow on his sides, yellow rims, new number 90 in red on his doors and roof. He has he new Bumper Save logo on his hood, and fenders.