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This page is full of links to all the Cars 1 Characters.

Cars 1 Characters[]

Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp (Mega Size)

Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp (Small Size)


Antonio Veloce Eccellente Antonio Veloce Eccellente (Lenticular)

Apple iCar


Artie (Lenticular)

Axle Accelerator

Axle Accelerator (Color Changer)

Axle Accelerator (Lenticular)

Barney Stormin (Metal Wings)

Barney Stormin (Plastic Wings)

Barry Diesel

Ben Crankleshaft


Bert (Lenticular)


Bling Bling McQueen (Eyes Left)

Bling Bling McQueen (Eyes Straight)

Bling Bling McQueen (Lenticular, With Piston Cup)

Bling Bling McQueen (Lenticular, Version 1)

Bling Bling McQueen (Lenticular, Version 2)

Blowing Bubbles Mater

Blowing Bubbles Mater (Lenticular)

Blu-Ray McQueen

Bob Cutlass

Bob Cutlass (Color Changer)

Bob Cutlass (Lenticular)


Boost (Color Changer)

Boost (Lenticular, Version 1)

Boost (Lenticular, Version 2)

Boost with Flames

Brand New Mater

Brand New Mater (Color Changer)

Brand New Mater (Lenticular, Version 1)

Brand New Mater (Lenticular, Version 2)

Brian Park Motors

Bruiser Bukowski

Bruiser Bukowski (Lenticular)

Bruiser Bukowski (Worried Face)

Bug Mouth McQueen

Bumper Save

Bumper Save (Rubber Tires)

Bumper Save Crew Chief (Ben Doordan)

Bumper Save Hauler (Oscar Longhauler)

Bumper Save Short Pitty

Bumper Save Tall, Thin Pitty

Bumper Save Fat Pitty

Bumper Save Fat Pitty with Tool (Howard Ratchet)


Cactus McQueen

Charlie Cargo

Charlie Checker

Charlie Checker (Lenticular)

Chet Boxkaar Chick Fan Mia

Chick Fan Mia (Lenticular)

Chick Fan Tia

Chick Fan Tia (Lenticular)

Chick Hicks

Chick Hicks (Lenticular, Version 1)

Chick Hicks (Lenticular, Version 2)

Chick Hicks (Rubber Tires)

Chick Hicks Crew Chief (Ian Roadhazard)

Chick Hicks Hauler (Hunter Dangerhaul)

Chick Hicks Thin Pitty (Bruiser Bukowsk)

Chick Hicks Fat Pitty (Butch Gunk)

Chick Hicks (HTB) Tall Pitty (Donny Wreckmire)

Chief No Stall (Roman Dunes, Lenticular)

Chief RPM (Lenticular) (Donald Loadrunner)

Chuck "Choke" Cables

Chuck Manifold


Chuki (Lenticular)

Clutch Aid

Clutch Aid (Rubber Tires)

Cora Copper

Coriander Widetrack

Costanzo Della Corsa

Costanzo Della Corsa (Lenticular)

Cruisin' McQueen

Cruisin' McQueen (Lenticular)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Motor Speedway of the South Version)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Rubber Tires)

Damaged King

Damaged King (Lenticular)

Darrell Cartrip

Darrell Cartrip (Color Changer)

Darrell Cartrip (Lenticular)

Darrell Cartrip (Metallic Finish, Chase)

Dash Boardman

Dash Boardman (Lenticular)

Derek "Decals" Dobbs

Dexter Hoover (Green Flag)

Dexter Hoover (Green Flag, Lenticular)

Dexter Hoover (Yellow Flag)

Dexter Hoover (Checkered Flag)

Dexter Hoover (Checkered Flag, Lenticular)

Dinoco Chick Hicks

Dinoco Chick Hicks (Color Changer)

Dinoco Chick Hicks (Lenticular)

Dinoco Crew Chief (Roger Wheeler)

Dinoco Hauler

Dinoco Helicopter (Small Size)

Dinoco Helicopter (Deluxe) Dinoco McQueen

Dinoco McQueen (Color Changer)

Dinoco McQueen (Lenticular, Version 1)

Dinoco McQueen (Lenticular, Version 2)

Dinoco McQueen with Celebrity Signature Plate (Lenticular, Chase)

Dinoco Mia

Dinoco Mia (Lenticular)

Dinoco Showgirl #1

Dinoco Showgirl #2

Dinoco Tall, Thin Pitty

Dinoco Fat Pitty

Dinoco Tia

Dinoco Tia (Lenticular)

Dirt Track Doc Hudson Dirt Track McQueen

Dirt Track McQueen (Lenticular, Version 1)

Dirt Track McQueen (Lenticular, Version 2)


DJ (Color Changer)

DJ (Lenticular, Version 1)

DJ (Lenticular, Version 2)

DJ with Flames

DJ (Metallic Finish, Chase)

Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson (Color Changer)

Doc Hudson (Lenticular, Version 1)

Doc Hudson (Lenticular, Version 2)

Donna Pits

Dudley Spare

Duff Wrecks

Duff Wrecks (Lenticular)

Dustin Mellows

Dusty Rust-Eze

Earl Filter (Leak Less Crew Chief)

Easy Idle

Easy Idle (Rubber Tires)

Easy Idle Pitty

Edwin Kranks

Elvis RV

Ernest B. Raykes

Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Red Rims)

Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Silver Rims)

Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Lenticular, Version 1)

Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Lenticular, Version 2)

Faux Wheel Drive

Faux Wheel Drive (Rubber Tires)

Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 (Lenticular)

Fiber Fuel

Fiber Fuel (Rubber Tires)


Fillmore (Lenticular, Version 1)

Fillmore (Lenticular, Version 2)

Fillmore (With Organic Gas Cans, Chase)

Finish Line McQueen

Finish Line McQueen (Lenticular)



Flo (Color Changer)

Flo (Lenticular, Version 1)

Flo with Tray

Flo with Tray (Lenticular)


Frank Pinkerton

Fred (Large Size)

Fred (Lenticular)

Fred (Small Size)

Fred with Bumper Stickers

Fred with Fallen Bumper (Lenticular, Chase)


Gask-Its (Rubber Tires)


Gasprin (Rubber Tires)


Gold Cruisin' McQueen

Gold Mia

Gold Tia

Goofy Mater

Gray Semi



Guido (Lenticular, Version 1)

Guido (Lenticular, Version 2)

Guido (Ferrari Fan)

Guido with Rollers and Tray (Lenticular, Chase)


Hank "Halloween" Murphy

Hank Hallsum


Houser Boon

Hugo Fast (Nitroade Pitty)

Hummer Sven

Hydraulic Ramone

Hydraulic Ramone (Lenticular, Version 1)

Hydraulic Ramone (Lenticular, Version 2)

Hyrdaulic Ramone (Metallic Finish, Chase) Impound Boost

Impound DJ

Impound McQueen

Impound Snot Rod

Impound Wingo


Jay Limo

Jay Limo (Lenticular)

Jay W.

Jerry Drivechain (Tank Coat Pitty)

Jerry Recycled Batteries


Jonathan Wrenchworths

Kathy Copter

Kathy Copter (Lenticular, Version 1)

Kathy Copter (Lenticular, Version 2)

Kit Revster

Kori Turbowitz

Leak Less

Leak Less (Lenticular, Version 1)

Leak Less (Lenticular, Version 2)

Leak Less (Rubber Tires)

Leak Less Hauler

Leak Less Short Pitty

Leak Less Fat Pitty

Leroy Traffik

Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires

Lightning McQueen (No RUST-EZE Sticker)

Lightning McQueen (With RUST-EZE Sticker)

Lightning McQueen (Color Changer)

Lightning McQueen (Lenticular, Version 1)

Lightning McQueen (Lenticular, Version 2)

Lightning McQueen (Rubber Tires)

Lightning McQueen mit Aufkleburn (German Metallic McQueen)

Lightning McQueen with Bumper Stickers

Lightning McQueen with Cone

Lightning McQueen with Cone (Lenticular)

Lightning McQueen (White Metallic Finish)

Lightning McQueen with Shovel

Lightning McQueen with Shovel (Lenticular)

Lightning McQueen with Sign

Lightning Ramone

Lightning Ramone (Lenticular)

Lightning Storm McQueen

Lightning Storm McQueen (SDCC 2008)

Lil Torquey Pistons

Lil Torquey Pistons (Rubber Tires)



Luigi (Lenticular, Version 1)

Luigi (Lenticular, Version 2)

Luigi (Ferrari Fan)

Luigi with Bucket (Lenticular, Chase)

Luke Pettlework (Dinoco Short Pitty)

Mack Hauler

Mack Semi


Marco Axelbender

Marco Axelbender (Lenticular)


Marilyn (Lenticular)

Mario Andretti (Red Rims)

Mario Andretti (Lenticular)

Mario Andretti (Yellow Rims)

Marlon "Clutches" McKay

Marlon "Clutches" McKay (Lenticular) Marty Brakeburst


Mater (Lenticular, Version 1)

Mater (Lenticular, Version 2)

Mater with Hood (Lenticular, Chase)

Mater with Oil Can (Lenticular, Chase)

Matthew "True Blue" McCrew


Matti (Lenticular)

Mia (Original)

Mickey McQueen


Mildred Bylane

Miles "Meattruck" Malone


Milton Calypeer

Milton Calypeer (Lenticular)


Mood Springs

Mood Springs (Rubber Tires)

Mood Springs Hauler (Russ Sideways)

Motorama McQueen

Mrs. King

Muddy McQueen


My Name Is Not Chuck

N2O Cola

N2O Cola (Rubber Tires)

Nature Drive McQueen

Nebekenezer Schmidt (Shiny Wax Tall, Thin Pitty)

Nelson Blindspot

Nick Stickers

Night Vision McQueen


Nitroade (Lenticular, Version 1)

Nitroade (Lenticular, Version 2)

Nitroade (Rubber Tires)

Nitroade Crew Chief

Nitroade Hauler

Nitroade Tall, Thin Pitty

Nitroade Fat Pitty

Nitroade Fat Pitty with Tool No Stall

No Stall (Rubber Tires)

No Stall Hauler (Max Enginefuel)

No Stall Semi (Max Enginefuel)

Octane Gain

Octane Gain (Rubber Tires)

Octane Gain Crew Chief (Felix Mudflap)

Octane Gain Hauler (Jimmy Roadhaulin)

Octane Gain Semi

Octane Gain Tall, Thin Pitty

Octane Gain Fat Pitty

Octane Gain Fat Pitty with Tool

Old School Ramone ("Cruisin Ramone")

Oliver Lightload

One Eye Mater

Paint Mask McQueen (Lenticular, Chase)


Paul Valdez

Petrol Pulaski (RPM Tall, Thin Pitty)

Piccolo Perry (Spare-O-Mint Tall, Thin Pitty)

Pirate Mater

Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet

Pit Crew Member Fabulous Hudson Hornet (Lenticular)

Pit Crew Member Fillmore

Pit Crew Member Fillmore (Lenticular)

Pit Crew Member Flo

Pit Crew Member Guido

Pit Crew Member Guido (Lenticular, Version 1)

Pit Crew Member Guido (Lenticular, Version 2)

Pit Crew Member Sarge

Pit Crew Member Sarge (Lenticular)

Polly Puddlejumper

PT Flea

Race Damaged Mood Springs

Race Official Tom

Race Official Tom (Lenticular)

Race Tow Truck Tom

Race Tow Truck Tom (Color Changer)

Race Tow Truck Tom (Lenticular)

Radiator Springs McQueen

Radiator Springs McQueen (Color Changer)

Radiator Springs McQueen (Lenticular, Version 1)

Radiator Springs McQueen (Lenticular, Version 2)

Green Ramone

Green Ramone (Lenticular)

Purple Ramone

Purple Ramone (Lentciular)

Ramone (Color Changer)

Yellow Ramone

Yellow Ramone (Lenticular, Version 1)

Yellow Ramone (Lenticular, Version 2)

Re-Volting (Revolting)

Re-Volting (Revolting, Rubber Tires)


Red (Lenticular)


Retread (Rubber Tires)


Rev-N-Go (Rubber Tires)

Richard Clayton Kensington

Richard Clayton Kensington (Lenticular)

Rollin' Bowlin' Mater

Roman Dunes (No Stall Crew Chief)

Ron Hover

Ron Hover (Lenticular)

RPM #64

RPM #64 (Rubber Tires)

RPM Crew Chief

RPM Crew Chief (Lenticular)

RPM Hauler

RPM Semi

Rust-EZE Lightning McQueen (with Rust-EZE Can/Lenticular, Chase)

Rusty Rust-EZE


Sally (Lenticular, Version 1)

Sally (Lenticular, Version 2)

Sally (Color Changer)

Sally with Cone

Saluting Sarge (Chase)


Sarge (Color Changer)

Sarge (Lenticular, Version 1)

Sarge (Lenticular, Version 2)

Senior Trax (Shiny Wax Crew Chief)


Sheriff (Color Changer)

Sheriff (Lenticular, Version 1)

Sheriff (Lenticular, Version 2)

Shifty Drug

Shifty Drug (Rubber Tires)

Shifty Drug Hauler

Shiny Wax

Shiny Wax (Rubber Tires)

Shilry Spinout (No Stall Pitty)

Sidewall Shine

Sidewall Shine (Rubber Tires)

Sidewall Shine Hauler

Skip Ricter

Skip Ricter (Lenticular)

Snot Rod

Snot Rod (Color Changer)

Snot Rod (Lenticular, Version 1)

Snot Rod (Lenticular, Version 2)

Snot Rod with Flames


Spare-O-Mint (Rubber Tires)

Spinout McQueen

Sputter Stop

Sputter Stop (Rubber Tires)

Stacy (Leak Less Tall, Thin Pitty)


Stu Bop the Jet


Swift Alternator

TJ Hummer (Small Size)

TJ Hummer (Megasize)


Tach-O-Mint (Rubber Tires)

Tank Coat

Tank Coat (Rubber Tires)

Tar McQueen

Tex Dinoco

Tex Dinoco (Color Changer)

Tex Dinoco (Lenticular, Version 1)

Tex Dinoco (Lenticular, Version 2)

The Convoy Brothers (G)

The Convoy Brothers (I)

The Convoy Brothers (K)

The Convoy Brothers (N)

The King

The King (Lenticular, Version 1)

The King (Lenticular, Version 2)

The King (Rubber Tires)

The King (Metallic Finish, Lenticular, Chase)

Tia (Original)

Tim Rimmer

Tim Rimmer (Lenticular)

Timothy Timezone Truecoat

Timothy Twostroke

Todd the Pizza Planet Truck

Tongue McQueen

Tow (Race Tow Truck Tom)

Tow Cap

Tow Cap (Rubber Tires)


Transberry Juice

Transberry Juice (Rubber Tires)

Trunk Fresh

Trunk Fresh (Rubber Tires)

Trunk Fresh Hauler

Truck Fresh Pitty

Tumbleweed McQueen

Valerie Veate


Van (Lenticular)

Van with Bumper Stickers (Lenticular, Chase)


Vern (Lenticular)

View Zeen

View Zeen (Lenticular)

View Zeen (Rubber Tires)

Vinyl Toupee

Vinyl Toupee (Rubber Tires)

Vinyl Toupee Hauler


Vitoline (Rubber Tires)

Vitoline Pitty

Waitress Mia

Waitress Mia (Lenticular)

Waitress Tia

Waitress Tia (Lenticular)

Wally Hauler

Wet McQueen

Wet McQueen (Lenticular)

Whitewalls McQueen

Whitewalls McQueen (Lenticular)

Wilmar Flattz (Lenticular)


Wingo (Color Changer)

Wingo (Lenticular, Version 1)

Wingo (Lenticular, Version 2)

Wingo with Flames


Yeti with Snow Cones

Yeti the Abominable Snowplow

Yeti the Abominable Snowplow (Lenticular)