Officer murakami cars 2 single

Officer Murakarmi

The Porta Corsa card was released on May 16, 2011. It is the first Cars 2 series.

List of CharactersEdit


1. Race Team Mater       2. Finn McMissile

3. Lightning McQueen    4. Francesco Bernoulli

5. Holley Shiftwell            6. Professor Z

7. Jeff Gorvette               8. Carla Veloso

9. Raoul CaRoule           10/11. Race Team Luigi/Guido

12. Acer                          13. Grem

14. Race Team Fillmore  15. Race Team Sarge

16. Rod "Torque" Redline  17. Miles Axlerod

18. Petrov Trunkov         19. Hydraulic Ramone

20. Nigel Gearsley          21. Max Schnell

22. Shu Todoroki            23. Miguel Camino

24. Lewis Hamilton          25. Carlo Maserati

26. Hudson Hornet Piston Cup Lightning McQueen

27. Mel Dorado               28. Valdimir Trunkov

29. Radiator Springs Ramone (Chase)

30. Victor Hugo               31. Don Crumlin

32. Officer Murakarmi (Chase)    33. Becky Wheelin (Chase)

K-Mart Exclusive Acer with Torch (34. On International Cards)

35. Kabuto                       37. Bindo

K-Mart Exclusive Celine Dephare (38. On International Cards)

39. Erik Lanely                40. Cartney Brakin

41. Galloping Geargrinder   42. Prince Wheeliam (Chase)

43. Otis                           44. Suki

45. Alex Vandel               46. Nick Cartone

47. Fabrizio (Chase)       48. Alexander Hugo with Party Hat

49. Mary Esgocar           50. Sir Harley Gassup

Russian racer cars 2 super chase

Russian Racer

Super ChasesEdit

Flash (Jan Nilsson)    Frosty    Long Ge

Memo Rojas Jr.         Russian Racer


K-Mart Pit Crew Mater

Blue Ransberg Finn McMissile (Toys R Us)

Toys R Us Metallic Fracesco Bernoulli

Toys R Us Metallic Jeff Gorvette
Nigel gearsley with metallic finish cars 2 exclusive vehicle

Nigel Gearsley

Toys R Us Metallic Lightning McQueen

Toys R Us Metallic Miguel Camino

Toys R Us Metallic Nigel Gearsley

Toys R Us Metallic Raoul CaRoule

Short CardsEdit

Race Team Mater    Finn McMissile

Lightning McQueen    Francesco Bernoulli

Miles axlerod cars 2 short card
Holley Shiftwell         Professor Z

Jeff Gorvette            Carla Veloso

Rod "Torque" Redline  Miles Axlerod

K-Mart Rubber TiresEdit

Carla Veloso        Francesco Bernoulli           Jeff Gorvette       Lewis Hamilton

Lightning McQueen     Max Schnell                Miguel Camino     Nigel Gearsley

Raoul CaRoule    Shu Todoroki

Miguel camino rubber tires cars 2 kmart

Miguel Camino with Rubber Tires

Raoul caroule with metallic finish silver cars 2 kmart

Raoul CaRoule with White Metallic Finish

K-Mart White Metallic FinishEdit

Carla Veloso      Francesco Bernoulli       Jeff Gorvette          Lewis Hamilton

Lightning McQueen      Max Schnell         Miguel Camino       Nigel Gearsley

Raoul CaRoule            Shu Todoroki

Movie Moments (2-Packs)Edit

Cruz Bersouro and Carla Veloso

Darrell Cartrip and Brent Mustangburger (Porta Corsa)

Darrell Cartrip and Brent Mustangburger (Tokyo Screen)

Damaged Rod Redline and Grem

Finn McMissile with Weapon and Grem (Wal-Mart Variant)

Finn McMissile and Leland Turbo

Francesco Bernoulli and Giuseppe Motorosi

Francesco Bernoulli and Ka-Chiao McQueen

Fred Fisbowski (Pacer) and Holley Shiftwell

Jeff Gorvette and John Lassetire

Mama Topolino and Uncle Topolino (Porta Corsa)

Mama Topolino and Uncle Topolino (Tokyo Screen)

Mater with Spy Glasses and Acer

Miguel Camino and Petro Cartalina (Tokyo Screen)

Miles Axlerod and Tokyo Party Staff Pitties 1 and 2

Professor Z (Wal-Mart Variant) and Tyler Gremlin

Professor Z and Acer with Helmet

Race Team Fillmore and Lightning McQueen with Travel Wheels

Race Team Mater and Zen Master Pitty (No Mustache)

Race Team Mater and Zen Master Pitty (With Mustache)

Race Team Mater and Sal Machiani

Security Guard Finn McMissile and Acer

Tomber and Finn McMissile

Lightning McQueen and Fillmore with Headset

Francesco Bernoulli and Lightning McQueen with Party Wheels

Uncle Topolino and Race Team Luigi and Guido

Leland turbo cars 2 movie moments

Porta Corsa

Acer with helmet cars 2 movie moments

Tokyo Screen

Pit Row LaunchersEdit

Lightning McQueen

Rip Clutchgoneski

Francesco Bernoulli

Jeff Gorvette
Rip clutchgoneski cars 2 pit row launcher

International Only Rip Clutchgoneski

Carla Veloso

Raoul CaRoule

Nigel Gearsley

Max Schnell

Shu Todoroki

Miguel Camino

Lewis Hamilton

Megasize (Deluxe)Edit

1. Submarine Finn McMissile

2. Holley Shiftwell

3. Red

4. Topper Deckington III (Double Decker Bus)

5. Kingpin Nobunga

6. Hydrofoil Finn McMissile

7. Pinion Tanaka
The queen cars 2 megasize

The Queen

8. Pope Pinion IV

9. Popemobile

10. The Queen

11. Kimura Kaizo

12. Funny Car Mater

13. Taco Mater

14. Taia Decotura

Lights and SoundsEdit

Darrell Cartrip

Finn McMissile

Francesco Bernoulli
Rod torque redline lights sounds cars 2 lights sounds

Rod "Torque" Redline

Holley Shiftwell

Lightning McQueen


Miles Axlerod

Professor Z


Race Team Sarge


Rod Torque Redline

Spy Finn McMissile

Spy Mater

Lightning McQueen and Francesco Bernoulli 2-Pack

Lights & Sounds 4-Pack


Character Stars (Hyrdofoil Finn McMissile)

Character Stars (Holley Shiftwell with Wings)

Character Stars (Double Decker Bus)

Character Stars (Pinion Tanaka)

Character Stars (Kingpin Nobunga)

Character Stars (Submarine Finn McMissile)


Racing 4-Pack (Ronnie Del Cooper)

Racing 4-Pack (Bruno Motoreau)

Racing 4-Pack (Nigel Gearsley)

Racing 4-Pack (Denise Beam)

Racing 4-Pack (Jeff Gorvette)

Racing 4-Pack (Miguel Camino)


London Chase

Paris Espionage

Porta Corsa Welcome

Streets of Japan

Tokyo Race Party


Racing Rivalry

Radiator Springs Race

Tokyo Race Day

Tokyo Victory


Tokyo Spy Mix-Up

World Grand Prix Racers

12 PacksEdit

London Rescue (With Captured Professor Z)

New Car Die-CastsEdit

Since this was the first release of all Cars 2 die-casts, all the Cars are new.

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